Border Leicester sheep produce a long, lustrous fiber ranging from 6 - 10 inches in length. Due to the luster, silky hand and long staple, this fiber is a favorite among handspinners, making great sweater and sock yarn. Hand knit socks from Border Leicester fleece are said to never wear out! 

Our sheep are on pasture until snow falls, then we coat them to keep the fleece clean. After shearing, the fleece is carefully skirted and processed. Prices below do not include shipping. We charge actual shipping costs. Our fleece has been sold from California to New York - coast to coast!  All fleece and wool products are now available through our online Etsy store, marshcreekcrossing.etsy or by contacting us. Most raw wool is sold to repeat customers or by individual fleeces listed on the  FaceBook group, Raw Wool for Sale.



 Check out Etsy for both white and gray roving available in 8 ounce balls, processed at Hidden Valley Woolen Mills from long staple fleece. It's beautiful!



Soft, lovely lambskins. I love starting the day, stepping out on one of these. Two inch curls make these unique rugs.